The main increase in muscle mass is a common meal, because growth requires a source. In no case do not eat rarely but in large quantities. This is not to be kind, and "full" stomach training is not the best. Eating should be thus: in my schedule, in addition to Breakfast, lunch and dinner, include the constant "snacks" (preferably, not less frequently than every two hours). The fact that the body to increase muscles you'll need a "building material". So you if want to achieve the result, needs to forget about the hunger.
In your diet should be proteins and carbs. But protein should still be more. This is necessary for upgrading muscle tissue after workouts. Daily allowance of protein is about 1.5 g per kg of weight. Also, the diet must contain sufficient amount of fat. Another important factor is water. Consume it in large quantities, because it is in some ways a source of strength and energy. A day is recommended to drink at least 12 glasses of fluid.
In building muscle mass far not last role plays a dream. Please note that it is not just a vacation, namely sleep. Because it is during deep sleep the release of growth hormones reaches its peak. In addition, during these periods decreases the rate of metabolism, the blood flow to the muscles increases. It is also perfect for growth and repair of muscle tissue.
With regard to physical activity. I must say that it is to increase only gradually, but definitely. Constantly to slightly increase the weight of the equipment or the number of repetitions for each exercise. By the way, the optimal number of repetitions is considered to be 8-12. So choose for yourself each time such a load, so you'll be able to perform exercise at least eight times and that does not exceed the number 12.