You will need
  • horizontal bar, two dumbbells 2 kg, swimming pool
To increase shoulders and achieve a positive result, you must first select the right tactics training and follow it for a certain period. Any exercise, and especially on the shoulders, should start with a good warm-up warm-up, so as not to injure the shoulder joints and muscles. The banner must include the circular movements of hands and pushups wide grip. Better suited for Jogging on the street or on the treadmill at the gym. Beginners should do 3 times a week, otherwise the shoulders (deltoid muscles) will not have time to relax before your next workout.
How to increase the shoulders
Basic exercise to increase shoulder is pulling up on a crossbeam the wide and medium grip. This will require a street bar or made at home by the crossbar. Be sure to do the exercise in three sets. The beginner will approach the complex of 4-5 pull-UPS 3 times with a rest between sets in half a minute.
A trained person, accordingly, it is necessary to increase the number of repetitions depending on strength and ability. Further, to increase the shoulders, you need to perform a circular swing weights 1-3 kg. Mach Number - at least 10 for 3 sets.
How to increase the shoulders
Be sure to include in the training complex sport swimming in the pool. Long been known that with the help of swimming can significantly increase the shoulders. To increase the volume of the shoulders is affected by three style of swimming – crawl (freestyle), backstroke and butterfly. Swimming lessons three times a week for one hour will significantly complement the training complex for the extension of the shoulders. If you practice according to this schedule, the progress will be noticeable after a maximum of a year of study.
How to increase the shoulders