You will need
  • - fitball;
  • - the pump.
Try to inflate the fitball mouth, like a common inflatable toy. However, since the ball is made of pretty dense rubber, this method may not be suitable. Especially not under the power of girls and people with weak lungs.
Use the pump with a suitable nipple. This is the easiest and fastest way. In order to inflate the fitball, fit like a hand (Bicycle), and a foot or electric pump (compressor). Most exercise balls are sold at once, complete with pump. If you bought the ball separately, a suitable nozzle, as the pump itself, you can buy in the sporting goods store. Sometimes you can find you need a pump in baby stores or shops for tourists.
Try to approach to the nearest tire store. Skilled workers in a matter of minutes to pump up your exercise ball to the required size.
Check whether the inflated ball. Fitball in an inflated state needs to reach the size listed on the package. If the ball is inflated too much, to keep the balance on it will be very difficult. At the same time, if the ball is not to spool, the effectiveness of lessons, it will be significantly reduced.