If you do decide to build muscle, set yourself to hard work. You will need patience and will power. Improving your body – a long process, but it is quite feasible for any girl, it would wish.
To after the first class you have not gone hunting to train correctly calculate the load. If you on the first day will take up the post and can immediately straining, or in the best case, earn serious muscle pain. After that, it is unlikely that you will want to continue to torture yourself.
Start your workout with strength exercises, and General light aerobic exercise. Jump rope, start Jogging, go to the pool. You will get a lot of pleasure, and your muscles will start to get used to more serious loads.
Only after your muscles get stronger, start special exercises. Please note, training the muscles to the subcutaneous fat layer is not affected. If you start to swing the legs, and you have groovetune on the hips, get a larger hip measurement. If you want to remove the fat layer, increase the total physical load on the body. Fat layer begin to thin, when the body needs additional energy.
Pay special attention to the muscles of the chest, because the chest is the pride of any girl. Do the exercises on the development of the upper bundles of the pectoral muscles. These beams are responsible for the breast height. Lying on the Board, press the rod or raise hands. You can also use special training equipment for developing pectoral muscles.
Also, pay attention to the leg muscles and of course gluteal muscles. Squat with the weights on the bars lift the leg, squat, jump. Remember, developing the muscles, you not only get a beautiful figure, but also to provide yourself the correct course of future childbirth.

And remember, pumping up certain muscle groups, do not forget about the rest. Remember, the secret of feminine charm is hidden in a uniform and harmonious development of the whole organism.