Swimming and adjusting the figures

In General, swimming is a perfect (and very enjoyable) way to keep the body in shape. However, if you want to gain good muscle relief, one voyage will be enough. Swimmers usually perfectly developed shoulders and arms, but it is the result not only of training in the pool, but also a long additional loads. Sportsmen-swimmers are usually very much do Jogging, exercise in the gym.

By the way, that is why girls hardly worry that excessive swimming can allegedly distort the figure and make it less feminine. Swimming allows you to stay in shape, burn extra calories, improves overall body tone and strengthens the muscle tissue. But it gives a strong muscle growth.

The main muscles working while swimming

During the voyage involve all the flexors and extensors of the forearm. Also work the muscles responsible for flexion and extension of the feet, hips, knees. In addition, developing the muscles of the shoulders (including the rotator cuff, the Delta, large round and small round shoulder muscle), forearms (brachioradialis, biceps and adductors), back (latissimus, trapezius, rhomboid), buttocks, abdominals.


Brass is one of the easiest swimming styles. If you are just beginning to engage in the pool, or just ready for serious physical activity, it should start by the brass.

Brass uniformly develops all muscle groups of the shoulder girdle, including the deltoid muscle, trapezius muscle of the back and triceps. The leg muscles also work evenly.
As a result of swimming style breaststroke is adjusted to the figure and posture, improving breathing.


Swimming the crawl takes a lot more energy and effort than the previous style. It is whiter than difficult to implement and implies a faster rate. To begin it is recommended only after your muscles adapt and get used to the primary load after swimming breaststroke.


While swimming butterfly develops the muscles of the shoulder girdle, back, chest, hips, thighs, legs and buttocks.

Butterfly is one of the most physically demanding styles. He gives a very serious load on the muscles.
The most difficult in this style is the inconsistent movements of the hands and feet. However, it is this feature that gives the greatest load, allowing you to adjust the shape, burn body fat, to sprain.