In any case, do not use to create the shadows of the garage. The engine running in an enclosed space, can create a significant concentration of carbon monoxide, which threatens a fatal poisoning. Place the car on the street and wait until the evening. But in complete darkness to work also it is impossible: you can not see the moving parts and touch them which can lead to injury. Slightly illuminate the engine compartment for such a small flashlight brightness, which are visible in this compartment nodes and the other light does not interfere with watching the situation risks, illuminated neon lamp.
Substitute strobe manufacture of a plastic tube with a diameter of about 15 millimeters. With one of its sides: glue the collecting lens. Inside put a neon lamp type NE-2, TN-0.3 or any other suitable brightness, color and voltage plugs. Print out the two wires. One of them connect to ground, and another wrap over insulation high-voltage wire of the first candle. Enough to wind about ten turns.
In any case, do not keep the device in hand in case of breakdown of the insulation you can get a painful electric shock. Secure it on a suitable bracket so that the light neon lamp, passing through a lens, fell on the label that is used for placing a corner of an advancing of ignition. The conductors are run so that the moving parts couldn't hurt. Do not allow sparking - this can lead to ignition of fuel vapors in the engine compartment. To do this, use wire thick enough in isolation, but to the lamp they are not screwed on and soldered.
The procedure for setting the ignition timing at different modes of operation (frequency of rotation, the degree of enrichment of the mixture, etc.) depends on the brand of engine. Before running it make sure to include neutral transfer. Do the configuration in the same way as strobe pulse for the lamp. The only difference will be that the light of the neon lamp has a low brightness. Remember that in the pulsed light illuminated part seems to be stationary, while in fact it rotates with a frequency of up to three thousand revolutions per minute. Do not attempt to touch her.