Prepare to adjust ignition. You will need to set the correct direction of the advance angle. To start unplug the vacuum headlight motor generic vacuum hose. Then, to make it easier to check the time with the ignition, connect the positive clip on the strobe light to the positive terminal located on the battery of the car.
Proceed to adjustment of the ignition in the car by switching the clip to the ground. To do this, connect it to the negative terminal. Now it is mandatory to remove the stressful the tip of high voltage wires secured in one of the cylindrical sockets on the distributor cap. Since many of the work items are under tension, be sure to wear gloves when working.
Insert as accurately as possible in the vacant cylinder under the nest sensor of your strobe, joined to the high-voltage wire on the first cylinder of the engine. Use the rubber plug for the clutch housing to adjust the vehicle necessary for the ignition time. To do this, start motor of the engine and point the flashing light flux from the strobe light on a special hatch that is located on the coupling device.
Note the small label that will give the flywheel a flashing illumination from the strobe. Visually it looks like a fixed point. In case absolutely correctly established moment of ignition of a given point on the flywheel of the engine should be in the middle of the middle division of the flywheel and its previous divisions. If it will be located in the wrong place, you will need to continue to adjust ignition timing by loosening the three screws that fix the dispenser flywheel ignition.