Ignition system VAZ 2107 consists of a high voltage coil and distributor - contact breaking mechanism. Incorrect ignition timing can cause the fall of the power of the power unit or excessive wear. Supply of spark in the engine piston before the end of the compression stroke is called a leading ignition and leads to premature ignition of the fuel-air fluid, which adversely affects the condition of the piston and connecting rod. Late ignition spark for a few moments after the piston top dead center. In most cases the ignition is a little late, but too big difference in time leads to incomplete burning of the fuel mixture, which is formed Nagar and there is a lack of power.

Preparations for setting the ignition

Before you start configuration of the ignition system, the vehicle should be on a level surface, shift the transmission into neutral and the Parking brake, or to enclose under wheels wheel wedges. Open the case of the hood, it is necessary to remove impurities from the distributor cap and disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. Distributor cap mounted on the spring clamps that can detach a thin screwdriver or awl. After removing the cover you need to clean a carbon electrode and contacts the runner against dust and soot, and then you can begin the configuration.

Installation of ignition of vases 2107

Regulation of ignition system in automobile repair is performed using a special strobe light. At home you can use an ordinary digital tester or an ohmmeter pre-charged. The key 38 need to crank the crankshaft of the engine until, until the runner of the distributor is not close to the first contact at an angle of 30 degrees. In this case an ohmmeter connected to ground and the contact bolt of the distributor shall show evidence of contact with zero resistance. Next, you turn the shaft to align marks on the pulley and distributor cap. If when combining the ohmmeter shows a value tending to infinity, then the ignition is set correctly.

The lead angle of ignition of vases 2107

Incorrect spark timing can be diagnosed by the continuous sound of the detonation that is observed when enabling the fourth gear at a speed of 50 km/h and the sharp pressing the gas pedal. When set correctly the ignition ringing sound lasts no more than three seconds. Long sound of detonation evidence overstated the crank angle, and the lack of low. For setting the ignition timing need to Unscrew a bolt of fastening of the distributor to the cylinder head. To reduce the ignition angle, the distributor housing needs to be turned clockwise to increase and counter - clockwise. After the configuration, you must install the distributor cap in place