Listed in sequence disconnect the battery negative terminal, then from the lid dispenser high-voltage wires, vacuum hose and connector sensor connector from the vacuum corrector.
Install the crankshaft in the higher dead point of the piston of the 1st cylinder. Then remove the holder by removing the bolts of its fastening. Then carefully remove the distributor by pulling it upward and remove gasket.
In case you do not remember the position of the valve, install the crankshaft in the higher dead point of the piston of the first cylinder, which corresponds to the compression stroke. Then remove the distributor cap and turn the slider so that the mark on the distributor body necessarily coincide with the center contact of the runner.
In the hole of the cylinder block insert distributor and rotate it slightly clockwise. To the distributor, successfully rose to the place, and the runner is again aligned with the mark, make sure that a drive gear of the distributor engages. The last step in this phase will be a tightening of bolts of fastening of the distributor.
Install the distributor in the reverse order, after replacing the gasket. Note that the gasket change is a must. This is necessary in order to achieve the maximum density fit of the parts. After that, you just have to adjust the set ignition.