You will need
  • - wrench set;
  • - strobe;
  • - white paint or marker
Before check and adjustment ignition system check, its serviceability and operability of all its components. Check the adjustment of the fuel system, namely the value of the idling speed and the quality of the fuel-air mixture. Turn off the air conditioning. Remove the plug with the access hole on the clutch housing.
Turn the crankshaft. This can be done in one of three ways: to take a hand in the pulley and turn the crankshaft clockwise, include a 5 speed transmission and move the car to hang the front wheels, put the car in gear and rotate one of the wheels.
To rotate the crankshaft until the timing marks on the flywheel will not be visible in the inspection hole of the clutch housing. White paint or a marker mark on the flywheel and a V-shaped cut located at the bottom of inspection hole. Start the engine, warm it up to normal operating temperature and turn off again. Plug the strobe in accordance with the instructions thereto.
Engine PB, PF and 2E disconnect the blue connector and the temperature sensor, the engine speed is set in the area of 2000-2500 rpm On the engine RP disconnect switch off and plug the vacuum hose of the vacuum regulator ignition timing, the engine will run in idle. Engine-KR do not disable anything, just leave it running at idle. On the 9A engine check trouble codes and, if necessary, repair them and then install the engine at idle.
Light flash lamp strobe point in the inspection hole of the clutch housing. When properly installed the ignition inflicted on you mark on the flywheel aligns with the mark on Salobrena section located at the bottom of inspection hole.
If the ignition is wrong, adjust the angle. To do this, loosen the fastening bolt of the holder of the distributor and rotate its body so that the label is aligned. The housing then secure with a bolt.
Turn off the engine. Inspection hole cover with the cap. Disconnect and remove the strobe. Reconnect the temperature sensor and the vacuum hose of a regulator of an advancing of ignition.