Visit the antique Museum "Gorgippia", which is located under the open sky. In the period from IV century BC to II century ad the city was occupied around 40 acres, on which stood a stately building, the sanctuary of the fertility goddess Demeter. The Museum has been allocated about 2 hectares. You will learn facts about the archaeological finds in these places: bronze and terracotta figurines, painted glassware, sculpture made of marble and other.In museums of local history and archaeology - history buffs will learn a lot from the history of the city. Go up to the mountain, where a Memorial Cross, view to the exhibition of bells. In the Museum there are exhibition halls of the Russian-Turkish wars, Raspornogo Kingdom, weapons of the second world war, the nature of Anapa district.Outdoor B. Utrish Dolphinarium is the largest in Russia. Land and trained animals you can see in the circus "Shapito". Grab a bite to eat in the restaurant of the Central amusement Park. The interior of this restaurant is in the style of the Kuban village houses. It serves famous dishes of national cuisine: fragrant chicken in khutorsky", meat rolls, crucian carp in sour cream, a variety of liqueurs and vodka.Exhibitions of exotic fish, butterflies, birds, a large variety of insects, birds and waterfowl. There are very rare instances. The constant themes of the exhibitions - the Black sea and its inhabitants. In summer exhibition of wax figures from St. Petersburg, "world history," Russian history", "Cabinet of curiosities Museum of wonders", etc. in addition to sandy and pebble beaches in Anapa there are water parks - the "Golden Beach" and "Tiki-tak". The first is near the entrance to the beach, and the second is located in area Dzhemete on Pioneer Avenue.The most popular cinema in Anapa - "World cinema", famous Concert hall "Victory, where every year are the popular actors of the Russian platform. Is shown in the premiere theater. The troupes from different cities of Russia come to Sochi on tour and have sold out.City theatre, where there are local groups - the only one in Anapa is located on Krymskaya str., 11. Contact Nart, OOO, the firm organizes horse riding along the valley of Sukko. Rent bikes to ride on your own in and around town .Organize paragliding, the start will be from Walnut grove and along the High Bank. Those who do it for the first time, you can ask the help of the instructor. In the evening stroll through the "Walk of love". Ampelotherapy (treatment with grapes) practiced in Anapa very long time, not less popular mud. Vityazevsky and Kiziltash estuaries, Salt lake and Chemburka famous for its therapeutic sulphurous mud, rich in sulphides, and minerals. Wine tasting is possible on the coast, excursions and local restaurants and cafes.