Almost every street corner, Anapa hosted the booths of travel companies. They offer to buy tickets for various excursions. Some of them simply cannot miss. For example, people over the age of 18 should try to visit wineries Myskhako and Abrau Durso". Experienced guides will accompany guests throughout the show production and the cellars with the wine barrels, talk about rare wines. And at the end of the tour, you can try a taster and appreciate a few drinks to taste.

One of the best options for tours with children - a trip to Anapa Dolphinarium. This event is designed for all day, as the Cape of Big Utrish in Anapa it is best to go on the boat. If you're lucky, dolphins will meet on the way, in the open sea. And then their counterparts in open enclosures prodemonstriruet your artistry and the friendliness of all the spectators.

A quiet cool day should be spent on horseback. Many agencies organize trips of tourists in the surroundings of the village of su-PSEH. In a few meek and obedient horses, guests drive through the narrow forest paths, and soon their eyes with the wonderful landscape. With the high mountains, the sea surface looks unusually well in any time of the day. If the tour involved children, the conductors put them on the horse with him. Adults manage a living transport yourself. And if you're lucky with a driver who brings tourists to the horse base, he also will sing together with them the Cossack songs.

Another unique memory will leave guests Anapa trip to the valley of lotuses. This holiday is to devote at least half a day. Participants will enjoy a boat trip along a narrow river and the breathtaking sight of thousands of delicate flowers in a spacious estuary. It is important to have something to hide behind from the spray while walking and that is not the battery in the camera.

Finally, without leaving Anapa, you can go on a tour in the center of it. The archaeological Museum “Gorgippia” - is open to the public excavations of ancient Greek cities. Here you can see the preserved foundations of houses excavated jugs and plates with inscriptions, and in a closed room of sculptures and decorations that have been made by talented craftsmen many centuries ago.