Make every morning a short jog for short distances. Alternate fast walking with an intense Jogging, try to follow the breath. Two weeks later, you will make a good endurance by Jogging extended distance and change of pace.
Combine regular Jogging in the morning with the complex of power exercises that will help you improve the most important characteristics – the length and frequency of step. Stand up straight, one leg should be ahead of another on a step, arms at your sides. Push down as hard as you can put forward a foot and abruptly jump forward, the knee of the second leg at the same lift as high as possible. When landing don't stop, immediately perform the second jump, starting already with the opposite leg. Perform daily for 15-20 of these exercises.
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, back straight. Sit down as low as possible and bounce up dramatically, while lift and drag arms. Try to jump as high as possible. When landing don't make any moves, try to stay in place. Once landed at the starting point, jump up again and pull up his hands. Do 15-20 of these exercises.
Out on the street, you should not immediately run, take five to ten minutes of light warm up, work out the joints. Perform the most simple exercises: squats, swings arms and legs, stretching the calves and rotational motion of a body. To frequent pulse, walk at an accelerated pace. Take deep breaths through the nose and full exhalation through the mouth.
Pay special attention to breathing while running, this will help you to run and not be weary. Breaths do nose, exhale through your mouth. Because of this, light is uniformly saturated with oxygen. Making the in-breaths and out-breaths through his mouth, chest muscles and lungs are not developed, and the body consumes considerably more oxygen. Breathe as deeply, the rhythm should be calm and measured.