Start with light Jogging in the morning. If you've never engaged in athletics, to begin with you just need to get used to the new load. Get yourself a lightweight comfortable running shoes and go out every morning into the woods or the Park. Count 10-15 minutes and run at a Jogging pace free. Keep the breathing was smooth and did not get off. It will be great start for long runs.
Include in the training process of cross training. After 2-3 months, and even before, your body has adapted to run freely. Start to overcome longer crosses 5, 7 or even 9 km. In principle, 5 km is enough. You will be able to run for 30-40 minutes if you do it at a slow pace. At this stage you can already exclude a morning jog.
Make it a rule to increase the pace of the course. Always take it with a stopwatch when you go out on the track. Record in a log time and overcome the mileage. If, for example, this week ran 5 km in 40 minutes, then the next try to cut the time down to 37 minutes. Thus, you will develop speed endurance for longer running.
Do long acceleration during the cross. After 1-2 months of training you'll be able to increase the tempo during the course. Mentally measure 6-8 segments 100-150 meters (steps). Accelerate into the distance during the cross. In a short time you will feel how much stronger your legs are, and as increased endurance.
Increase the Jogging distance. Now you can overcome the cross in the 7-10 km Run the first time at a leisurely pace. Again, after 1-2 months will include the acceleration during the race. That is, everything starts anew. Increasing endurance, the race distance will increase. Don't forget to record all data and indicators in the sporting diary.
Participate in various athletics competitions. To learn how to run long, you need to do it in a group of strong athletes. Stayers competition at 5-10 km and more suitable for this purpose. The more you participate, the more progress you can achieve.