Run in comfortable clothes. Look in the sports shop in almost any of them you will find the Department with the equipment for running. You will need a few things: running shoes, pants or shorts and a t-shirt. Sneakers should be the right size and not to cause inconvenience, the garment is fit snugly, but not to pull the body (otherwise you violate the bloodstream). Compulsory girls sports bra, which will help to keep your Breasts from stretch marks.
Add the load and tempo gradually. Beginners often try to start with long races, which get shortness of breath and pain in my side. The fact that the body is not adapted to the loads will not be able to perceive in the first week more than fifteen minutes leisurely Jogging. Temp it is recommended to add only the third week. So, by the second month of races you will be able to run without symptoms of fatigue forty to fifty minutes in a pretty fast pace.
Drink a glass of clean water for fifteen minutes to run. This will help the body to cope with stress and you don't get dehydrated. Eat before a run is not recommended.
Follow the breath. The main mistake - a sharp breath. This habit will have to get rid of. The breathing should occur on three accounts: inhale (one, two, three), exhale (one, two, three). Balanced breathing will give much greater opportunities for the runners. Account can be done in number of steps.
Do not make long breaks between sessions. In order not to lose all the skills acquired through long effort, try not to interrupt the run for more than a week.