Warm up before the run. If for young people the warm-up can be critical, although it does not prevent to warm up the muscles and joints, from the age of 25 to warm up be sure not to get injured. The warm-up should not be too long and strenuous walk to the stadium quick step, stretching, actively swinging his arms, turning torso, and you can assume that with the workout you did.
There are two basic ways to run - intensity interval and continuous Jogging. Everyone chooses a view based on their own preferences. Interval will lose more calories in less time, Jogging takes more time, but it is perfect for people who want to not only burn fat, but also to relax.
Jog you should with such speed that your heart rate was in the cardio zone, that is, was within the range of 60 to 70 percent of the maximum frequency. The Jogging should last at least 40 minutes for it to split fat.
With interval training you alternate rest, average load and maximum load. Intervals everyone picks for themselves, but in the General case, we propose the following scheme - 100 meters run at maximum speed 100 meters - jog 100 meters step.
While running, it is very important to maintain a uniform breathing, running with a straight back, slightly bent forward, the hands must go in a plane perpendicular to the body.
If you start to run, start to eat in accordance with your new way of life. The fact that running causes the body to expend much more calories, and when insufficient food quickly starts exhaustion. Instead of feeling fitter and stronger, as promised numerous articles glorifying aerobic exercise, you may actually experience a permanent loss of strength. In any case it is impossible to combine running and low calorie diet, you should eat healthy, but quite high-calorie food.