What time to run - a controversial issue. Someone runs in the morning to cheer up, to freshen the tone and start the day. Someone chooses the evening, claiming that to trouble your body at bedtime when he has a whole night of rest. If you favor Jogging every morning, immediately after waking up, take a cold shower. It will Wake you up and give you the muscle tone. After this it is much easier to force yourself to go out. In addition, you combine a run with another method of strengthening the immune system - a contrast shower.
A very good way to force yourself to run - walking the dog. Your pet will not give you a moment's rest, and in any case will get you on the street. In addition, most dogs are big fans to run at high speed. Run through the Park together will be much more fun. In this case you can say that you are walking your pet, and he you.
If you are not attracted to the prospect of easy running, you can resort to the rollers. Muscle, of course, are not exactly the strain that running, but you will be able to accustom themselves to the daily attacks and will train legs. In addition, for many people, the skating seems to be a pastime much more light than normal Jogging. Use the summer months to get used to physical activity, if not daily, then at least more or less regular. And when it's cold and rainy, you won't be able to sit around on the spot and go to run, and when snow could be skied.
The support team are great, so ask friends to take part in your new hobby. Let one of them (some early bird and probably among your friends is such) wakes you up in the morning bell, and a loud cry into the phone "For a run to become!". But even better to inspire your friends really pull them out the whole crowd with you to the Park or on the waterfront. You'll see, if there is even a small company, make yourself out to be much easier. Choose a beautiful place for place for Jogging with friends, where you are not so often due to work or study. This will be another incentive to get up early and pull on running shoes.
However, all these tricks will not work if there is no main thing - understanding that you really need it. Once again watch your health, look in the mirror, compare themselves with others. Understand that constant level of physical activity necessary to hold and not office chair and stale air will age you prematurely and make you into a wreck.