Review the importance of eating a particular product. For example, the main sources of carbohydrate are fruits, potatoes, rice, wholegrain bread, cereals and grains, pasta from durum wheat. Their intake is very important for people leading an active lifestyle. Carbohydrates supply the body with glucose. She, in turn accumulating in the liver and muscles is converted into glycogen. It is in the form of stored energy in human tissue. Thus, using this group of products, you without a sense of fatigue and to most effectively spend time in training.
To restore and build muscle mass eat foods enriched in proteins. This group includes: fish, eggs, lean meats (veal, Turkey, rabbit, chicken).
The use of vegetable fats is required in sports. Remember: their deficiency in the diet reduces tone reduces the effectiveness of exercise. Enter in your diet vegetable oils, nuts, etc.
Please note that the minerals and vitamins also play an important role. They contribute to the efficient transportation of oxygen in the body, strengthen tissue and bone. Also consider the fact that during physical exertion and active lifestyles sweating significantly reduces their number. Consult with a specialist about the appointment of a special vitamin-mineral complex.
Don't forget to drink plenty of fluids. It is deficient in the body will disturb the normal flow of the class and may cause spasms of the muscles. On training keep a small bottle of clean drinking water. This way you at any moment, will be able to replenish the water supply in the body. But note that the liquid on the workouts is to drink room temperature.