Running – a great opportunity to practice endurance and give your heart the location of the load. But consider Jogging as a panacea against excess weight and strengthening your muscles is not worth it. Only in combination with other physical exercises you can get results from Jogging. So, first determine what goal you pursue, and make a schedule of workouts.
For example, running is part of the training aimed to weight loss. So you have at least three times a week training in the gym or Cardinale. The remaining three days of the can and run and one day leave for rest and recovery. If you think about it, three paces in a week not so much. Moreover, in freezing temperatures and rain the tracks of the Park replaced the treadmills in the fitness club.
Start to run in nice weather and comfortable temperature. The ideal time for Jogging is 7-8 o'clock in the morning. The body is slowly waking up, and it is possible to give optimal load. Start running 20-30 minutes a day, gradually bringing up to an hour. How long you will run during this time, it depends on you. Start to run in the mode that you are comfortable with. In the race no matter how to run, important - like.
In the first weeks the body will get used to the loads, and you will experience unpleasant consequences in the form of muscle pain. But any discomfort quit running impossible. You need to endure these painful days. But then you will begin to experience the fun of feasible loads.
Do not expect instant results. To achieve perfect form only in the regular classroom for quite a long time. Adjust yourself that you need a lot of time. You can't program yourself that need to lose weight in time for swimsuit season, which starts in about a month. Miracles do not happen, and you will suffer frustration and a feeling that all the effort spent in vain. Set more realistic goals.
For someone a good incentive for a morning jog becomes someone's example. If you take the figure of Jennifer Lopez the standard of beauty. So put her picture on the bedside table and whenever you in the morning want to sleep longer, you will come across her ideal. But this body is the result of long and hard work.