It would seem, why do we need a warm up before Jogging, if Jogging by itself heats? The fact that people are running mainly in the morning, when the body is not yet awake. Muscle is cold and inflexible, which often leads to falls and sprains. So the importance of warm-up before Jogging can not be denied.
If you run on a treadmill, in a Park or at the stadium, go Jogging intensely place – this will be the first part of the warm-up. If the stadium or forest are literally across the road, walk, arriving at the place. Start moving less intensely, gradually speeding up the pace. Enough to pass 500 m of the active step.
Make for 5-7 minutes, rotating the neck, drooping of the shoulders, arm swing, lateral bending, crossing straight arms in front of chest. These simple exercises are perfectly cope with the role of warm-up. When the minimum warm-up before the run is completed, you can proceed to more intensive training.
For beginning runners should increase warm-up time in half. Run 3-4 dozen deep slow squats, stretch hamstrings and calf muscles, take a few static exercises – the "bar", the snake pose, mountain pose, the pose of the inclined plane and other asanas of yoga.
Stretching the hamstring is very important for efficient and safe run. If the muscles of calves and hips are warmed up enough, dramatically increase the risk of knee injuries.
In addition, the warm-up before a run should include exercises for flexibility of joints. Do not forget that the ankles is kept during the run the load three times more your weight. So try to perform at least 25 rotations of the feet and knees in different directions. Remember about special shoes with a springy sole and orthopedic footbed.
While running, actively working not only the muscles of the legs, and back. In order not to pull the lower back in the process of running, take a few different twists. Alternately scrutinies in the thoracic and lumbar spine, after each exercise back to its original position and straightening your spine.
To increase the flexibility of the back while running, do a "bridge", the pose of the camel, bending back from the knees. Also run the light program on the press. Do not save time for a workout, because the intensity depends not only on the efficiency of running, but also health. After warming up start to run, gradually increasing the speed.