If you took the lease of a land plot, you must be in the hands of the lease. Let's see if in the contract the indication of the period within which you must notify the lessor about his desire to extend the lease. As a rule, in most cases, the parties agreed that within a certain period of time, the tenant should notify the landlord of intent to extend the contract. If no such term, then notice is considered a reasonable period of time, i.e. convenient for the agreement of the parties.
The extension of the lease does not mean that the landlord must provide you with the opportunity to lease the land which you had. Sign a supplementary agreement to extend the lease or a new contract. Its essential terms (i.e. the terms without which the contract would not be considered prisoners) will be as in the lease of real estate, the subject of the contract land plot and the cost of rent. The last condition is not considered essential by law, however, the new rents are still better point in order to avoid disputes.
By law the lease of real estate concluded for a term exceeding one year should be registered with Rosreestr. So take care of the registration of a new contract or additional agreement. Registration deadline is 30 days, and only after registration the contract takes effect, so start registering in advance is. To register you will need to pay the state fee (for individuals today it is 1000 rubles) and to collect a package of documents including the application for state registration, lease agreement, additional agreement or new rental agreement, your passport and the passport of the lessor or its other documents, the cadastral passport of the land plot. In some cases, you may need other documents. Information about the schedule of work of bodies of Federal registration service can be found on their website: