The value of land increases each year. To purchase land for business becomes difficult. The best option for some entrepreneurs becoming decision to take land, for example, the construction of the store. The procedure of registration of land has a number of nuances. You need to decide and agree with the city authorities all the issues related to the place where will be placed the next construction project.

Site selection, negotiation of work

To find a suitable site, you must contact the municipality's Department of architecture. In their database there is a lot of information on all lands related to the city and its surroundings. Getting information and making sure that any land owned by the municipality, it is necessary to clarify whether any prohibitions for the construction of the store.

After that, the entrepreneur should write the application in city administration on the initial coordination of a place where he plans to build a building. Administrative authorities, usually the Department of architecture, shall render its decision on the application. Consideration of the application may last several weeks, about 1-2 months.

On the basis of information from the state cadastre of real estate the decision. It will be positive, if not violated town planning and environmental norms. In the relevant act authorizing the construction of a fixed mark, this act is issued to the applicant.

The act of choosing the land plot after this you need to reconcile with a number of organizations that are responsible for the construction of buildings. Perhaps the entrepreneur will have to conduct an environmental review and to obtain permission for construction from bodies of protection of monuments and urban services. Next, you should obtain sanitary-epidemiological conclusion of the Federal registration service. In addition, a similar conclusion will need to contact the Department of conservation.


When will all the negotiation work, the selected land will need to put on cadastral registration and receive the technical certificate. In addition, you need to fix how the future building will be located in the cadastral plan. At the concluding stage, all the documents should be sent to the city administration to the head of the municipality made a decision about the permission to take the land lease for the construction shop. If a positive decision is to register the land lease contract in bodies of Federal registration service, after which it will enter into force.