Register in tax authorities as an individual entrepreneur or to make a limited liability company.
Get articles of incorporation. Then look for a place under the pavilion. Please note that each region has their own standards and requirements for the installation of trade pavilion. For example, the prohibition on establishing them along main roads. Be sure to check the requirements of the Department of land and property relations.
Write the application addressed to the head of the district (or locality) and submit it to the administration. Specify the location where you intend to install the pavilion. Submit required documents: the layout of the shop, copies of all constituent documents and the Charter, the inquiry from tax inspection about absence of debts on taxes and fees, copies of NACE codes.
Sign up for special Commission on short-term leases. If your issue will resolve positively, the municipality will send the petition. Where it will consider the management of architecture, land Committee at city hall and the Department of the consumer market.
After that you will get a referral for a topographical survey. On the basis of which order then the architectural design of your retail outlet.
Coordinate the finished project with the departments of Commerce, landscaping, architecture, land and property relations as well as regional (city) administrative technical inspection.
Don't forget to get the opinion of ecologists, SES, traffic police, firefighters, Department of utilities and water utility. As well as coordinate the project with the Deputy and the Chairman of the Commission on short-term lease.
Next package with all collected documents, please contact the land use office.
After completing all the procedures, after receiving all necessary approvals, the property will sign a rental agreement. Having your instance, you can begin construction of trade pavilion.