You will need
  • - lease agreement;
  • calculator.
If you rent land in your property, you have the right to call any amount of rent without resorting to calculations. The contract between you and the tenant is a document which confirms the agreement of all the conditions of the lease.
For the municipal property transferred in rent of the citizens according to the Land code and the local laws, apply the formula to calculate the rental amount.
When calculating the annual rent, consider the base rate of the category of land in your region, the area transferred to the site, the type of target use with the applied correction factor, use ratio.
To calculate, multiply the land area on the base rate used in your area. The result, multiply by correction factor and area. The result will be the amount of rent for one year, you can divide by 12, 6, 3 or 1 month.
For example, if you transferred in rent of land with an area of 100 square meters, the base rate in your region is 10, the correction factor 2, zone – 3, the calculation formula is as follows: 100х10х2х3=6000 rubles is the amount of annual rent. Divide it by the frequency of payments, will rent for 1, 3, 6 months.
Use the coefficients that apply in your location. If you give in rent plot won in auction, the whole of the construction period use of preferential zonal coefficient. Usually preferential ratio below three times. Its increase to the regional applied if specified in contract time construction is complete and the building commissioned. In this case, applied the usual zonal coefficient used for the entire region. The lease renew or make to the existing contract an additional agreement specifying the modification of the item about the payment.