Advice 1: How to view the wall Vkontakte

Various reasons can be caused by the need to read the records on the wall of the user, registered in a social network "Vkontakte". One of the most common is incomplete personal information.
How to view the wall Vkontakte
Determine which ID number from the desired user. Everyone who was registered in "Vkontakte" is assigned this value. It appears in the string vkontakte/ identification number. It can be seen by hovering the mouse cursor over the user name or on his picture.
To be able to view records on the wall, insert perekopirovannye identification number in the following line:идентификационный_номер.
To photo albums a person of your interest is displayed on the screen, enter the numbers as:идентификационный_номер.
To view the photo, showing the user, use the following address:идентификационный_номер
To display groups of individual, go to the following address:идентификационный_номер.
In order to view videos user, enter the string value ID numbers:идентификационный_номер.
To get access to the videos, which the user you want is marked, use the linkидентификационный_номер.
To listen to the audio of the person selected, specify the saved value of the number thus:идентификационный_номер.
To view notes, go toидентификационный_номер.
Photo albums that are only available for a certain group of friends or locked away from all, to view unavailable.

Advice 2 : How to open hidden page

"Vkontakte" – the most popular and visited social network in our country. Going to the page of any user can be a few minutes to get acquainted with his life (marital status, education, place of residence, photographs and so on). Here only one user open my page for public viewing and others do not. But this prohibition can be overcome by using special techniques.
How to open hidden page
To view a hidden page with the correct user ID, find the page of the person and in the browser view the link which will look like the following: id=XXXXXX , XXXXXX is the ID. Next, to see hidden data paste the links below in which after the equals sign, type the ID value and press Enter.- photos.php?id= (picture);- video.php?id= (video);- audio.php?id= (record);- notes.php?id= (notes);- groups.php?id= (closed group);- rate.php?act=vote&id= (indoor rating);- apps.php?mid= (hidden apps);- gifts.php?id= (hidden gifts).This way you get to see the hidden page the user only if he concealed only his own page and forgot to hide photo albums, videos, notes and so on.
To see the hidden page the user can through the official website of Pavel Durov called To do this, click on it, enter your username and password. Then, to view the user data in the address bar of the browser enterХХХХ where XXXX is the user id. To view the status enterХХХХ where XXXX is the user id. Now insteadХХХХ enter this javascript code: javascript: showActivityHistory()(); and press Enter. To view the user's photos in the browser address bar enterХХХХ where XXXX is the user id. Then click on the Photos with the user, it will be located under the user photo on his page.
Also, see any hidden page user Vkontakte by using a special program VRazvedke. You can download it at the link The program is written in English, so if you don't own it, you will understand problematic.
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