Remove the posts manually. This is a long and tedious method, but the most readily available. He will fit you in if records on the wall not too much. Just press the "Delete record" in the upper right corner of each post.

Especially will suit you this way, if you are afraid to accidentally catch a virus by downloading a special program. Although, if your computer has a good antivirus program, you can try to clean the wall and other methods.
For example, use scripts to delete messages. If messages on the wall too much, you will have to manually delete them all day, and even more.

In your browser put on the wall the following script:

javascript: (function(){ var result = document.evaluate('//*[@class="delete_post"]/div', document, null, 0 , null ); var found = []; var res; while (res = result.iterateNext()) found.push(res); for (i in found) found[i].onclick(); })()

Press Enter and watch as your messages disappear from the wall.

Another script, unlike the first, allows you to choose which messages to delete and which to leave out:

javascript: (function(rexp){ var found = document.evaluate('//*[@class="post_table"]', document, null, XPathResult.ORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE , null ); for ( var i=0 ; i < found.snapshotLength; i++ ){ if (found.snapshotItem(i).innerHTML.match(rexp) ) { document.evaluate('.//*[@class="delete_post"]/div', found.snapshotItem(i), null, XPathResult.FIRST_ORDERED_NODE_TYPE, null ).singleNodeValue.onclick(); } } })(/app1995682/)

One thing: these scripts only work in Firefox, so if you have another browser, first download and install the new one.
Use programs to clean the walls. Some users "Vkontakte" you are able to create various programs that delete the message on the wall without the use of scripts. An example of such a program - VkontakteWallCleaner. Download it, install and run, when the browser opens your page.