You will need
  • - desktop computer/notebook/netbook/smartphone/mobile phone
  • - Internet connection
  • - any browser or appropriate application
The easiest way to find out the id of the group "Vkontakte"is to come to the group and look at the address bar in the browser. If the link, the numbers after the word "club" and will thus value.
To make the panel more beautiful or from the point of view of SEO optimization, it administrators often replace its id to an arbitrary name. If you need to know this id, you can try a few ways. Log in you are interested in the group. Even if you don't join a group and you are available at least, you can try to put the mouse pointer on the section title "Participants" or click on it in the link[section]=people&c[group]=23238945 you will see the numbers at the end of the link. This will be of interest to you group id.
Another option in this case - to find out the id of the group "Vkontakte" through her main picture. Click the right button on the group icon, choose:
In Mozilla Firefox: Open the image
In Google Chrome: Open the image in a new tab
Opera: Open the image, image Properties
In Internet Explorer: Properties

A new window will appear with approximately the following address:

The value between two slashes (in the middle') and is the desired group id, it is only necessary to remove the letter "g".
If the group available to a larger amount of information, such as wall posts, discussion list, list of recordings or videos, a survey, mentioning the community, the list of albums of the group or loaded into the document group, you can find out the id of the group "Vkontakte", as well as in the first method, taking the latest figures from web links.
Another option is to obtain the id of the group "Vkontakte" from ' messages in the section "Discussion". In this case, you will need to take the figures standing at the end ' and remove them from the dash and all the numbers appearing after the dash. The remaining numbers will be the id value for this group.