The fact that the service that the website provides a special option to download the photos on the wall. For solving such problems and use third-party programs that facilitate adding objects. To put a photo on the wall in "Vkontakte", you first need to have it on your computer. From the Internet to load the image only as a reference, but in this case, the image will not be displayed.
So, click in the box to the wall, which is designed for texting.
At the bottom you will see two buttons "Attach" and "Send". You need first. Click on it and in the popup menu, select "Picture".
You see a window with a "Browse" button and next to "Upload new photo". Click on "Browse".
To surfaced standard Windows directory of folders and files select the desired image file. Even if your picture weighs a lot, don't worry. The photo will be automatically compressed for easier viewing.
After that, the wall will be an example of a picture in miniature. Make sure that the image that you want to publish and confirm the sending of the "Send" button. The image appears on the wall in miniature form. Full size can be viewed in a separate window by clicking on the picture.
If the picture is not the one you wanted to upload on the wall, point the mouse on the x on the right side of the image (this point will display "do not attach") and click on it. Repeat the procedure with the selection of the file first.

In the same way you can add and remove from the wall the music and video files. There are also special programs for adding media objects to the wall "Vkontakte".