If you decide to take administrative leave, take into account that the duration of the unpaid leave does not have strict boundaries and must be agreed between employee and employer. The employer must provide you with administrative leave, if you wrote the application. You will be preserved all social guarantees.
Note that working pensioners old-age/age on the application is available to 14 free days a year. Parents and wives of soldiers who were killed or died after injuries, concussion or injury received while performing military service are entitled to unpaid leave also up to 14 days annually. Workers with disabilities the employer is obliged to provide up to 60 days a year.
In addition, employees who are admitted for entrance exams to Universities, you can count on a vacation to 15 days. Employees who combine study with work and state-accredited Universities full-time forms of education are entitled to 15 unpaid days to complete the interim assessment, 4 months - to prepare and defend the diploma and 11 month - for training and passing the final state examinations.
In addition, members of electoral commissions are entitled to apply for unpaid leave at the time of the execution of duties by the decision of the election Commission. All employees in cases of marriage, death of close relatives or the birth of children have the right to take unpaid leave for up to 5 days.
The statement written in the following pattern. Cap statements at the top on the right.

Director of the "Bird$"

Mr. M. V. Tereshkina

officer, supply division, Petrenko I. G.
Please provide me with a vacation at his own expense with DD-MM-YY to DD-MM-YY, inclusive. In my absence my duties will be to perform Isaev N. L.


Signature of substitute employee

Signature of the head
Please note that instead of the phrase "unpaid leave" you can write "administrative leave" or "extraordinary leave without substantive content". To indicate the person who will perform your duties is not required.