You will need
  • - the statement;
  • order.
Holiday at own expense can be issued only for a valid reason, but the article 128 does not give a clear explanation onaccount of what reason should be considered valid, and therefore it is given to the employer. All staff employees are entitled to take time off for your account no more than 14 days in the current year. The exceptions are the veterans who can get 35 days for your account and persons with disabilities 60 days. The employer has no right to deny the leave at the birth of a child, death of a close relative in the case of registration of marriage. In these situations, it is possible to get guaranteed time off at their own expense for up to 5 days.
The law also envisaged to provide guaranteed leave without pay upon delivery of entrance examinations in educational institutions, up to 15 days (article 173 of the labour code). Listeners of preparatory courses of educational institutions, employees, students in accredited HEIs in full-time, for the protection of the thesis for the state examination, up to 15 days. Heroes of socialist labor – 21 days, members of the election Commission and their authorized persons – from the date of commencement of elections and until their end, participants of military operations in the areas of settlement of military conflicts – 35 days, wives of military personnel for the entire period of leave of her husband. In all other cases, the employer has the right to deny a vacation due to operational needs.
To draw offs, write the application addressed to the Director General 14 days to produce the desired output. If the leave need to be issued urgently, in connection with valid unforeseen circumstances, notify the employer the day before. The statement should be a resolution of the employer.
On the basis of submitted application, the employer issues a uniform order form T-6. Information about this vacation shall be made in form T-2. Leave without pay that exceeds 14 calendar days, not included in the seniority for registration next holiday for early registration of pension.