You will need
  • pen, A4 sheet, documents, employee, company documents, company seal.
An application for leave without pay, the employee writes the name of the first person of the company, which indicates the position (Director, CEO) if the organization is small; if it belongs to the category of large enterprises – in the name of the head of structural division.
In the header of the application specialist prescribes short name of the company in accordance with the constituent documents or a surname, name and patronymic of an individual entrepreneur in accordance with the document proving his identity.
Further, the employee indicates his position in accordance with the staffing level the surname, name and patronymic in the genitive case.
In the middle of the A4 sheet to spell the word "statement" in small letters, as a continuation of the sentence.
The content of the statement the employee expresses his request for leave without pay and indicates the reason for which he needs a vacation without the content, the date from which he wishes to depart on such leave and its duration.
Reasons leave without pay may be family circumstances or other valid reasons, for example, the birth of a child, death of a close relative, marriage.
Duration of holiday without the content can vary from one to sixty calendar days, as defined by article 128 of the Labor code of the Russian Federation and depends on the category of citizens.
The worker puts his signature and the date of writing the application.
An application for leave without pay is directed to the first face of the company for resolution. The Director then reviews the application and makes its decision. If he approves the request of the employee, it issues an order on granting of leave without content this specialist. Then the Director puts his signature and seals the document with the seal of the company.