What is MNP

The law on the transfer of users to another mobile operator with number preservation came into force in Russia on 1 December. To provide this service was launched only in January 2014. As it turned out, some do not know what MNP. And those people who know the decryption of this abbreviation, do not know how to use this service.

MNP means mobile subscribers to switch to another operator while retaining the previously assigned number. Simply put, using this service can, for example, to change MTS, "Beeline", and the number of your SIM card will remain the same. Very convenient service, because you do not have to notify all friends and family about the room change.

How to use the MNP service

To change mobile operator with the preservation of your room, you need to perform a few simple steps. By selecting the operator, you need to take your passport and visit one of the offices of the company. However, there are some nuances. Your current number must be issued by the current operator it is for you, otherwise switch to another operator may refuse. To solve this problem, you can renew the contract at the current mobile operator, putting their passport details.

In addition, to change operator only in the region where the contract was signed with the current operator. For example, if the room was registered in the Moscow region, to change the mobile operator will only be in this area.

Visiting one of the offices of a particular company, you will need to write a statement to specify passport data, the name of the current operator and the number that you need to save when moving. Will then be issued a new SIM card, which can be used in the specified new operator. Next, you need to pay for the received SIM card, and for providing this service. After that will just have to wait for text messages to your number of time of initiation of service. To communicate with the previous operator will no longer need.

After receiving a text message, you will need to paste the previously issued SIM card in the specified in the message time. In addition, you may receive a text that the subscriber has a certain debt to the former operator. In this case you need to extinguish it in the same day, otherwise the transfer may fail.

The first couple of hours after the transition can occur technically problems, and then you can use the services of a new mobile operator.