You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - salon communication "MTS";
  • - 100 rubles.
If you are a subscriber of "MTS" in order to switch to the tariff plan "Super MTS", type on the keyboard of your phone the following USSD command: "*888#" and press the call key.
In addition, to go to the tariff "Super MTS" you can take the advantage of the "Internet assistant". Go to the official website of the company "MTS", select the drop-down list your region and click "Internet assistant" by clicking the link with the appropriate name.
To enter the "Internet assistant", use the password: enter in a special string of the program's interface is your phone number on which you want to change the tariff plan. After a few seconds, in a sms message you will receive a password by entering a string at the bottom of the page, you will enter the "Internet assistant". If you are logged, select "Manage tariffs", locate the "Super MTS" and press "Go".
Call 0890 and ask the operator-information-services "MTS" to help you make the transition to the tariff "Super MTS". So you were able to help, ready to give their passport data, stated during conclusion of the contract with the provider.
Visit one of the salons of the MTS offices in your city with a personal passport and refer to a specialist with a request to transfer you to another tariff.
Note that the cost of the tariff "Super MTS" for subscribers of the network is 100, they will debit your account. If you are not a subscriber of "MTS", to become them and be able to have this rate, you will need to pay 150 rubles.
If you Deposit more than 400 rubles for this billing plan, in addition to free outgoing calls, you will receive 100 bonus rubles can be spent for communication services within ten days of receipt.