To remove the graphics card first odsadenie cooling system, which is mounted to the top. For this you need to Unscrew the three screws holding the fan. Next, unplug the power connector of the fan.
Then remove the eight spring-loaded screws that secure the heat cushion on the processor and graphics card. Doing this point be very careful and cautious. There is not a small probability of damaging the graphics chip or processor chip.
The fault can cause a large amount of dust in the radiator that is behind the fan. This is especially true when you live in the house animals with long hair. So after removing the radiator it is recommended that the radiator fins to blow air under pressure.
In last turn loosen the two screws that secure the MXM-cost.
Before install the new graphics card, you need to remove the old heat-conducting casing, and set it to the appropriate location in the notebook. Need to do this so that the memory chips coincided with the thermal pads on the housing.
Remove the old thermal paste thoroughly. Then apply a thin layer of new. When applying a new layer note that the paste should cover the entire surface evenly.
Now install the heat pipes, keeping extreme caution, and in reverse order, tighten the screws and install the fan.