Sometimes you begin to feel that your pregnant wife seemed to have changed. She then angry, then crying for any reason. Digging in yourself, in your behavior, arranges the argument in a vacuum. In General, you will always find a cause for resentment in the environment or behavior of other people. Believe me, this situation has arisen for many couples who are expecting a baby. Try to understand that an expectant mother and she is not happy to their whims. Just during pregnancy hormonal changes women. This causes increased susceptibility to external factors. Means that directs the behavior of the spouse does not spoil the nature. Remember, all expressed in the hearts, with tears and bitterness, not dictated by her mind and hormones. After some time, the wife will calm down and be ashamed of itself offensive. Step on a man's dignity for the sake of peace family, embrace the future mommy and tell me that you still love her.
A pregnant woman requires special attention and care. Without that (in her opinion), she is offended. And resentment degenerated into a quarrel. Interested in the health of his wife, more help around the house. Ask your spouse about the pregnancy, more often ironed tummy, talk to the baby. This will help to awaken fatherly feelings and attachment to the child. It will be easier to understand the mother.
To write off all the hormones would be wrong. Sometimes a woman is just not enough maternal care. Resenting and scandals, not wanting to grow up, this way she is trying to attract the attention of a spouse, to find that care from him. Talk to your wife. Experiences of a pregnant woman cause discomfort not only her family, but to the child. Go together on reception to the psychologist to help his wife to understand themselves, to make the waiting time of a baby joyful and happy.