You will need
  • 1. Life experience
  • 2. Stories of real people
First, make sure that any presence you women you can be themselves, and not to impersonate someone else. To do this, test yourself: can you all tell this woman. This refers to whether you can talk to her about their fears, desires, etc., or you are ashamed of something.
Feel free to be yourself
Find out how similar your plans and decisions concerning the future. If a man and a woman is too different I see my future, most likely they are not on the way. Everyone will move in its direction that as a result always leads to conflict.
Talking about the future together
Make sure that she respects your opinion. Future wife will always respect your opinion on any issue. Naturally, each person has their own thoughts and their Outlook on life. But to reckon with other people just need to not transform the life of each other hell.
Respect each other's opinions
Don't trust too a person's appearance. It is often deceptive. For a pretty face can hide an evil person and Vice versa. You have to understand that it is not friends and family have to like your wife and you.
Appearance is not the most important thing
Work on yourself. Remember that the future wife can be found in the most ordinary day, so you should try to be in a good mood, positive, smiling. Do not forget that the future wife is not necessarily some mysterious stranger. This woman may be among your friends, colleagues or neighbors.
Radiate positivity