When a family ruptures – it is always sad, but that's life, and we need to treat it with understanding. There are many reasons for loving people part. Somehow, people are most likely to be on the side of the wife, believing that divorce is a very difficult test for women. If a man throws his pregnant wife, then surrounding not only be on the side of his wife, but strongly call the man a "coward".

Whether to judge the man who abandoned his pregnant wife?

The situations are different, and to consider all the men who leave pregnant wives, scoundrels, not worth it. Yes, this situation is sad, and someone wants to sympathize with the woman. However, it is worth remembering about the nature of women, because very often plays a huge role in maternal instinct that overrides all other senses.

Often the situation when the husband does not want child at this particular moment, directly informs his wife, but that contrary to his opinion decides to conceive a baby. Such a man is sometimes forced to leave the family. After all, family is mutual respect, when each spouse is considered a second opinion, and if opinions differ, they are trying to find a compromise, and not to put before the fact.
During pregnancy women often behave too emotionally, so some men just can't handle stressful situations that arise in the family, and go.

Also, there are times when in the family there is discord and in order to hush up, the woman decides to "fix" her husband's child. This is a very naive misconception. Yet no woman could keep a man, the presence of a common child. In such situations the fault in the first place because she knew that now was not the time for a child, but has stubbornly carried out their plan to keep the family together come what may.
In doing so, a woman just needs to be prepared for the fact that she alone will have to raise a baby, as a cracked relationship is not glue.

The look on the woman's side

From the point of view of women, of course, the man throwing his pregnant wife, acts like a monster for whom nothing is sacred. However, if you think about it, is it possible to force a person to love someone through the force? If the man loves the woman, in most cases, it will be indifferent to the child. Nothing in this family is not good.

Perhaps the woman would have been easier if the man left her after a pregnancy, to avoid unnecessary stress, but men rarely think about it. Of course, the pregnant woman throws husband ceases to respect him as a man, and, most of all, her heart is filled with hatred for him. From her point of view - this is true, but unfortunately, one can not force them to love or to live with unloved man. Before you take offense at a guy, think maybe his act he saved you both?