The reaction of the men

Men may react to the pregnancy as rapidly and with detachment. Sometimes the emotions of the future Pope even more than the expectant mother. It depends on the nature of man, his desire to have children and wealth in society. Emotional men can be associated with the fact that for women, pregnancy and motherhood is something they're part of and maybe the meaning of life, and for men it's a shock. Even if the pregnancy was planned and partners for a long time preparing for it, the result for men is all the same it will be unexpected.

But if there is no response?

There is a category of men who do not respond to the pregnancy. For them it's something kind of standard. Pregnancy and fatherhood they consider the norm. The downside of such people is that on any whim of a pregnant they react negatively. For them there should be no manifestations of pregnancy from women.

The joy and jubilation of the men

After learning about the pregnancy, the man can long time to exult and rejoice. Such a man may, after news disappear for a few hours, and then return with hundreds of roses in gratitude of the expectant mother. They can begin to circle and kiss his pregnant woman. Their joy knows no limit. For him pregnancy is a miracle that he appeared. Throughout pregnancy such men take great care and excitement about his beloved. Very often they indulge her every whim.

Anxiety and shock

Some men experience anxiety. For them, information about pregnancy can be a real shock. After all, men constantly prepared for the future of fatherhood. Out of ignorance and insecurity is the anxiety. Such men may like to show this uncertainty throughout pregnancy, and can worry more than pregnant.


In some men, the news of the pregnancy can cause increased responsibility. They start with special zeal to work. Sometimes find a part-time job. For such men it is to make proper material level for their family. The disadvantage of this reaction is that a woman can feel alone due to the fact that the man constantly works.

How to keep a man

Do not worry, if the reaction of the men was on what was calculated. Just try to accustom the man to think about pregnancy, about the future baby. Let him know that it's not as scary as it seems at first glance. Talk to him calmly. And remember to be nervous now useless.