In the first trimester, as a rule, a woman can disturb early morning sickness. It interferes with the expectant mother to enjoy life and to enjoy his new status. To improve your condition, try to prevent feelings of hunger, eat often, little by little. In the morning, before getting out of bed, drink small SIPS a Cup of plain water with a slice of lemon or green tea with mint. Avoid foods and smells that cause you nausea. During pregnancy often appears heartburn. In such cases, also eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly. Then it is digested more quickly, less is in the stomach, which reduces the possibility of occurrence of these unpleasant feelings.
Forget about processed foods and sandwiches, include in your daily diet with healthy foods from all major groups: dairy products, proteins (meat, fish, poultry), starchy foods (cereals, breads, whole wheat), vegetables and fruits. You need to eat well, but this does not mean that you have to abandon all that you love. Reduce consumption of salt, sugar, coffee, tea, fizzy drinks. Proper diet can also be delicious and will also help to maintain a moderate weight during pregnancy.
Walks in the fresh air, swimming in the pool, gymnastics at schools for pregnant lift your mood. Exercise, moderate stretching exercises and yoga will help you relax, to prepare for childbirth. Don't force yourself to strain to fatigue, avoid heavy physical labor. Try to relax more: pregnant women need to sleep at least 8-10 hours at night and during the day 2-3 times to pamper yourself a 30-60 minute rest.
Read books that have long been waiting for their turn on the shelf, go to the cinema, theatre. Because as soon as the baby will be born, time for fun will be missed, but the positive emotions necessary for the future mother. If it so happens that to save the pregnancy will have to go to the hospital, don't worry, the pros are looking for in everything. While in the hospital, you will be able to make many interesting acquaintances. The time will pass quickly, and after the baby is born you will communicate with new friends, walks together with the strollers, advice, sharing experience.