In the first trimester of pregnancy in a woman's body changes significantly. People will not be able to see them from the side, but the woman feels internally. Hormonal changes, the attitude towards themselves and others, well-being and overall attitude. Repeatedly observed that the strongest change in character and behavior women feel the most loved ones - husband or relatives. It is believed that the woman thus instinctively tries to prepare her husband and family to the birth of the baby. Prepare to pay, nights without sleep and some difficulties.
The most nervous during pregnancy are considered the first and third trimesters. In the first the woman still does not understand what is happening with her body, which, in turn, govern the hormones and instincts. A woman in that time cannot reflect on the changes of the body, and can only take them for granted, hence there is extra anxiety and irritability. Some changes are not entirely clear. Changing taste preferences, favorite smells can be nasty, starts to manifest itself toxicosis. All these changes put at times to a standstill and make me nervous and worry. Many women themselves can't understand where it came from nervousness and irritation. Why a loving and caring woman in a jiffy ready to crush everything in its path.
The reason nervousness can be the insecurity. When the pregnancy is complicated or there are circumstances that frighten mother, it is difficult to remain calm. A woman can ask many questions about the future life, the relation of the father to the child, financial problems.
Nervous woman maybe physically unpleasant sensations. They intensify with the approach of childbirth. The uterus is stretched and begins to push on nearby organs, increases the load on the legs and spine. It becomes hard to move and perform simple actions. A woman can feel helpless. Approaching childbirth is forced to worry about the birth process, the welfare of the baby and life after birth.
The doctors came to the conclusion that the increased nervousness of the expectant mother leads to the strongest surges of the hormone level in the body of both the woman and her baby. So you should learn to listen to yourself, your baby and loved ones and not to expose the unborn child to unnecessary shocks.