Nervous system pregnant women has high sensitivity. The expectant mother becomes overly emotional and irritable. Frequent mood swings, tears and tantrums – all this is a consequence of the hormonal surges in a woman's body. Surround his wife with care and attention. Treat her with tenderness and understanding, eliminate stress and anxiety, because psychological condition of wives transmitted to the baby.
Make sure that his wife is providing qualified medical care. In advance to consider all possible options and select the most suitable maternity hospital. If you doubt the competence of the doctor consult to another specialist. It will be superfluous, because you care about the health of his wife and your unborn child. But don't go to extremes, changing one doctor after another.
Possible meet the wife from work by car. Riding in crowded public transport is unlikely to add health for her and the baby. Help her with household chores. The abdomen becomes large, and the expectant mother is already hard to do the work on the farm. Support and take part of the responsibility.
During pregnancy increases the load on the back. Gently make my wife a light relaxing massage and knead the feet.
Another important point is the intimate relationship. Some men fear that sex can hurt the baby. It is not, the child is protected by amniotic fluid and a thick muscular wall of the uterus. If there are no medical contraindications, there is no reason to abandon an intimate relationship. Most importantly, be extremely careful and gentle with his wife. Make love in position, eliminating pressure on the abdomen. A few weeks before birth, an intimate relationship should stop, as they can trigger premature birth. Nine months will pass quickly, and long-awaited joy of seeing the baby will outshine all the difficulties and anxiety of pregnancy.