That a woman is pregnant, said the absence of menstruation. However, signs of change can appear before, because the body immediately begins to react inside changes. Before you start to grow a belly, the woman swells and begins to grow Breasts. Already in the first weeks of pregnancy you can make a fairly accurate analysis with the help of special test, which is now sold in all pharmacies, the test to determine the pregnancy.
How do you know that the girl is pregnant
On the second month of pregnancy may be nausea and feeling sick, which happens quite often. The woman has an irresistible desire any special products. Sometimes there are salty foods, but sometimes can be a fruit or more, depending on what the body, or rather even two organisms need. Pay attention to chest your girl, she needs to be rounded in this period because the hormones began to prepare the body for motherhood.
The stomach usually appears much later. First forms are more rounded, and only on the 4th or 5th month noticeably rounded stomach. But to grow fast it will be only at the end of pregnancy.