First of all, understand that your situation is far from unique. The same problems faced by many generations of men before you. The fact that the body of a pregnant woman are real hormonal storm. This explains the changes in her mood, tearfulness, moodiness and even aggression. Wife maintains that is not out of spite, not because he wants to annoy you, and due to the sharp hormonal changes. Once you understand this, you will be easier to tolerate her whims. Therefore do not rebuke and do not reproach your wife, demanding to pull myself together and try to exercise Forbearance and tolerance.
Do not skimp on the good words and attention, teach her that you love her still, even more than before, because now she is carrying your child! In any case, even in jest, do not laugh at her rasplyvsheysya figure, altered gait, etc. Some women are so worried about this that they can bring themselves to real depression. They think that due to the deteriorating appearance of the men will not be able to treat them with the same love and passion. So often say to the wife that it for you are still loved and cherished.
If the upcoming birth of the first, inexperienced woman would be very afraid. It's scary and the pain that accompanies the birthing process, and thoughts, if all goes well, will not happen something bad with the child. Try delicately to dispel her fears. Inspire her confidence that everything will be fine.
Provide wife a full and varied diet, rich in vitamins and minerals. Often go with her on walks. Do not allow her to lift weights. Be sure to take at least part of homework. In a word, behave yourself as befits a caring and responsible man, future father of the child!