Drink weak tea with milk. Better green, it regulates heartbeat and blood pressure.
Measure the pressure. Most often, increased heartbeat found on a couple of high pressure. If you have these symptoms tortured before, then take a pill to reduce the pressure, it is possible that the pulse returns to normal.

The tablet can be taken only if your doctor has prescribed a certain drug and treatment regimen. Sudden loss of pressure could trigger a stroke (brain hemorrhage).
Of light drugs: valocordin, valocardin, sage, Valerian, motherwort. To take as described in the summary.
You can go to bed a lot to rest. If you are actively engaged in the Affairs, then the rhythm should fall, and you will feel much better.
If you often increases the heart rate, work out. Join a gym, the trainer will choose a gentle program that will help maintain the heart muscle.
Limit consumption of fatty, spicy, starchy and sweet. Elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood leads to heart rhythm disorder that is most often found in obese people.
Elevated heart rate is an alarming signal of which indicate cardiovascular disorders. To self-medicate it is impossible to pick up complex treatment can only a doctor. Contact the hospital and undergo a complete examination by a cardiologist, and sometimes an endocrinologist. After receiving the results, you will be prescribed the drug and the scheme of its reception, which will promptly cause the heart rate to normal.