Advice 1: How to normalize pulse

If you sometimes there is aching or stabbing pain in the heart, quickly coming up the fatigue you feel shortness of breath and palpitations, then, first of all, you should check your pulse. With the onset of heat, many heart starts speeding up, and in such a situation it is very important to know how to normalize pulse.
Checking the pulse
To check the pulseand you need to sit in a chair, put in front of him watch, relax and think about something pleasant. Then you need to embrace right-hand base of the left hand, to find the artery and count the beats per minute. Normal pulse should be between 60-80 beats. But, if you have counted more than 80 strikes, it means that your pulse is elevated.
There are many reasons why this can happen. In the summer, more work the thyroid gland, the adrenal glands begin to throw into the bloodstream higher dose of adrenaline, and affects tiredness.
First of all, you should see a cardiologist, but there are times when a small increase in heartbeat can cope at home and to normalize the pulse itself.
First you need to open the window to undo the belt and buttons on clothes, sit in a comfortable chair or lie down on the bed. You can then close your eyes and press your fingertips to the eyeballs for 10 seconds. Repeat this procedure three times.
Then take a deep breath and hold your breath, repeat five times, take a break and do this exercise again.
You can then take heart a tincture in the amount of 20-40 drops and a pill that relieves spasms. Such actions you will be able to normalize pulse somewhere for 10-15 minutes.
In the evening an hour before sleep can take a warm herbal bath will help to calm down and gear up for the coming sleep. During the bath the upper body must be above water.
Before going to sleep can have a heart of tea from Valerian root or peppermint.
Of course, if you have a tachycardia happens often, no need to rely on folk remedies. It is best to consult a doctor in order to identify the real causes of your heart palpitations.

Advice 2 : How to increase the heart rate

Low pulse, as well as elevated, which causes many unpleasant symptoms. These include: General weakness, dizziness, nausea, loss of coordination and many other symptoms. To know the pulse counting the number of beats per minute or by using a device that measures pressure (shows heartbeat). To raise the heart rate quite easily, but it is better to find out the cause of the disease to the doctor than to self-medicate. If you have previously this was not the case, then perhaps this is the body's response to lack of sleep or weather conditions.
How to increase the heart rate
You will need
  • - caffeinated products;
  • - ginseng or guarana;
  • - the yellow card;
  • - spicy food;
  • - physical exercise.
Measure the pressure: if it is low, and the pulse, respectively, decreased for this reason. In this case, will help the drugs to increase blood pressure, but they occasionally can be a doctor. Reception these medications without consultation with a specialist can provoke heart attacks and strokes.
Try light tonics, such as tea or coffee. These drinks contain caffeine, it slightly raises blood pressure, tones up and tones the heart muscle. You can buy any non-alcoholic energy drink, they also contains caffeine which quickens the pulse.
Pharmacies sell a herbal remedy that stimulates the heartbeat. These include all products that contain guarana, ginseng and caffeine. But if you have high blood pressure but low pulse, then for you this option, unfortunately, will not work. Since the pressure can rise even higher, but stabiliziruemost if the heartbeat is not a fact.
Spicy food helps raise the blood pressure and pulse. For example, red pepper improves blood flow, and with it the heartbeat. But it is not a treatment but only a subsidiary method of stimulation of the heart. If you have stomach problems, refrain from the temptation to eat something spicy.
To increase the heart rate helps a regular shot. Put a compress on the chest. Burning will stimulate the blood flow and, consequently, the number of contractions of the heart muscle. But to put the yellow card you need is closer to the right side, the left side of the chest, it is not recommended.
If you had long been in repose or asleep, do not hurry to increase the pulse to find that he is 60 beats per minute. First, walk, stroll or take a short jog. It is possible that the pulse will rise. All the physical exercises stimulate and strengthen the heart muscle and blood vessels.

Advice 3 : How to increase the heartbeat

The heart may beat not only quickened, but too slow. In this case, the person feels weak, dizzy and tired quickly. If you have constantly observed the described symptoms and the pulse rate less than 50 beats per minute, you need to consult a doctor. But do not rush to swallow handfuls of drugs. In milder forms of low heart rate it is possible to increase its folk remedies.
How to increase the heartbeat
You will need
  • sedative infusions, dried apricots, walnuts, honey, tonic and restorative bitters
Slow heartbeat or bradycardia can be caused by several reasons, the self is not engaged in any case since the real cause of your condition should be determined by the physician. Often, these palpitations are observed in athletes, if they dramatically reduce the load. In this case, the doctor will prescribe moderate physical activity alternating with rest. Walk more, breathe the fresh air and alternate fast walking with walking at a slow pace. This rhythm will allow your heart to produce the required rate and will ease your condition.
Bradycardia is caused by nervous and emotional stress, as well as diseases of the vessels of the brain. If you've never played sports, but I feel that heart is beating quickly enough, the cause is likely in the blood vessels. Be sure to get tested in the clinic, change your diet and lifestyle. Try to spend more time outdoors, engaged in physical therapy and eat foods rich in amino acids and vitamins. Drink infusions of soothing herbs to regain composure and eat foods that strengthen the heart muscle (walnuts, honey, dried apricots).
People suffering from slow heart rate, usually have low pressure. Avoid foods and drugs that reduce pressure and have a pronounced sedative effect. Very good are the substances and tinctures that increase the overall tone and gives strength (a ginseng, eleuterokokk, etc.). To normalize heartbeat perfect massage and physical therapy aimed at strengthening the thoracic areas of the spine.
In no case do not self-medicate and consult a doctor about the use of certain means to increase your heart rate. All the methods described in the article, are in addition to the main course of treatment.
Useful advice
Do not get carried away sedative herbs and tinctures, if you feel weakness and fatigue.

Advice 4 : What to do if the pulse is low

The reduction in the frequency of the pulseand is a violation of the cardiovascular system. If the number of cuts per minute is 60 or less, it is considered to be low pulse.
What to do if the pulse is low

The main reasons for low heart rate are pathological changes in the heart, an overdose of medication, reflex bradycardia.

Pathological changes caused by serious diseases of the vascular system. Is coronary artery disease, acute myocardial infarction, arterial hypertension, heart disease. Therefore, to increase the pulse needed to conduct a comprehensive treatment. Of course, need immediate hospitalization of an affected person that the situation was under the control of specialists.

Reflex bradycardia occur when a mechanical impact on the chest and neck (blow, fall), when bathing in water of low temperature, for pain syndromes, etc.

Modern methods of treatment of the low pulse is the pacing. The procedure is miniperl, the goal is implantation of an artificial pacemaker. The operation is absolutely painless and simple to perform.

Measurement of heart rate is accompanied by blood pressure measurement. Low pressure is the reason for the low pulse. Therefore, he has to take drugs to increase the pressure that the doctor chooses. In any case it is impossible to assign a tool to increase pressure.

Effectively help the consumption of soft drinks (strong tea, coffee, energy drink) with caffeine. Usually they tone the heart muscles and slightly increase blood pressure. Among ready-made drugs that stimulate the heartbeat, it can be noted guarana, ginseng. But in any case can not be used at elevated pressure.

Folk remedy for increase in pulse is a yellow card placed on the chest on the right side. The effect is due to the fact that mustard stimulates blood flow, increasing the number of heartbeats per minute.

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