You will need
  • - Tincture of motherwort or hawthorn;
  • - "Corvalol";
  • - "valocordin";
  • - "korvaldin";
  • - drops votchala drops or Zelenin.
When increased heart rate, which occurs when the temperature of the body, to normalize the heart rate (heart rate) is enough to treat the disease that caused the fever. Even in a healthy patient's pulse is quickened by 10 strokes with increasing temperature for each degree. At 38 degrees, heart rate can reach 100 beats per minute, at 40 – 120 beats. In such a hyperthermia must be taken antipyretic drugs and to take measures to reduce body temperature.
When a pulse quickens with paroxysmal excessive exercise, enough to stop and sit in a quiet environment or simply to reduce the intensity of your workout.
If you encounter fast pulse at rest, especially in cases when tachycardia occurs for the first time, it is advisable to contact a cardiologist for an examination and determine the cause.
Repeated attacks of palpitations most patients know about their problems and, consequently, know what drugs can help with the tachycardia.
With palpitations the patient to sit, it is desirable to provide access of cool air, try to calm down. You can advise the patient to drink a little cold water in small SIPS with the breath – this allows the reflex to regulate the heart rate.
In some cases effective is acupressure neck in the zone of pulsation of the carotid artery on either side of the cartilage of the larynx. In the composition of the neurovascular bundle of the neck is not only the carotid artery but also the vagus nerve, a reflex which slows the heart rate. A neck massage you need to carry out alternately on the right and left, otherwise you may develop fainting.
In some cases, to reduce the frequency of the pulse can be taken 20 drops of alcohol tincture of motherwort or hawthorn, "Corvalol", "valokordin", "korvaldin" drops Votchala drops or Zelenin. The desired amount of solution is added in a small amount of water and taken orally.
In the absence of effect or the progressive deterioration of the patient needs urgent medical consultation and the appointment of special drugs that slow heart rate.