Even physiological tachycardia can cause serious harm to the body. Because of the increased heart rate disturbed blood circulation, so organs and tissues begin to experience oxygen starvation. A symptom of hypoxia may be dizziness, chest pain, shortness of breath and even fainting. Tachycardia increases the risk of stroke, worsens heart function and may lead to a sudden stop.
If tachycardia occurred after exercise, sit down (if possible — lie down) and spend 10-15 minutes alone. Try to breathe slowly and deeply, this will minimize tachycardia, saturate tissues with oxygen and improve health.
If the reason for the tachycardia is an emotional drain, take a mild sedative, for example, motherwort or Valerian. Drink mint tea, take a sea salt bath, listen to relaxing music.
If the tachycardia is sudden, the heart rate exceeds 100 beats per minute, you feel the interruptions in the functioning of the heart and darkening in eyes, wash your face with cold water, then take a horizontal position. Drink valokordin or Corvalolum. However, self-medication can lead to unpleasant consequences, therefore the repetition of the attack, consult a doctor to determine the causes of tachycardia and appointment of adequate therapy.
With the effort and apply pressure on the eyeballs. Every pressure should last 8-10 seconds. Continue the procedure for at least 5 minutes. As a rule, after this time the heart rate comes back to normal.
In heart rate of more than 120-140 beats per minute, call an ambulance. While waiting specialists provide yourself a complete rest.
To avoid the recurrence of attacks of tachycardia take drugs magnesium and potassium, get more fresh air, follow the diet and rest. Exclude from the diet of chocolate and beverages containing caffeine. Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages.