You will need
  • - heart drops;
  • - soothing sublingual tablets;
  • - cold water;
  • - fresh air.
If the cause of the attack of palpitation (sinus tachycardia) becomes the psycho-emotional arousal, to reduce the heart rate, should stop the impact of the traumatic situation. Go outside and take a break a little. Fresh air has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels.
Drink a sedative, better plant origin: motherwort tincture, drops of "sage", "Barboval", drops of Zelenin. They do not have any side effects, except that may be individual intolerance to the components.
Drink a small amount of cold water is a reflex causes a slowing of the heartbeat. Massage the area of pulsation of the carotid artery in the neck.
Make a simple exercise of breathing: stand near an open window, take a deep breath air and hold your breath, mentally count to 5 or 10 and then slowly exhale air through the nose.
If the cause of the attack of palpitation becomes heart disease, to reduce the pulse, ventilate the area. And drink the drug, which is recommended for permanent treatment of tachycardia by a cardiologist. But to make their own previously unknown funds on the advice of others is not worth it.
Put under language a tablet of validol or the capsule of corvalent – these medications often have a calming effect and relieve an attack of palpitation.
If tachycardia is not relieved, on the contrary, your condition continues to deteriorate, then you require immediate medical help. Signs of heart failure may include the following symptoms: cough, appearance of pallor or lividity of the skin of the nose or ears, the appearance of shortness of breath. When these symptoms should immediately call the ambulance and medics arrive, you can repeat all of the above events.