It is not necessary to give a lot of energy to stress. Keep in mind that all the troubles that happen to you in life are generally temporary, and without exception, can be solved. Give more importance to how to solve them, rather than projecting the potential consequences in your imagination. Fear and panic once again undermine your nervous system, ucasa heartbeat whenever you are worried.
Exercise. Not necessarily to do it professionally in order to have a healthy heart, enough to gradually enter the system lessons, increasing and at the same time controlling the load. In any case, do not use stimulants, be careful to keep your stamina was orderly and smooth, without jumps and drops.
And again - about the nervous system. Even if you do not react to stress, it tends to accumulate inside you to save the nervous tension that will not let you go, day or night. Or talk with family and their problems, to Express emotions, or arrange regular sessions of relaxation in order to relax your body and nervous system, thereby easing the load on the heart.