You will need
  • - sedatives;
  • - tea with milk;
  • - rose hips.
If you are doing physical exercise e.g., running, push-UPS or just cleaned the house, then first try to lay down and rest. Sometimes it helps to reduce heart rate, as not always its fast pace indicates disease. And soon it became easier, brew green tea and add the milk.
When the heartbeat is not related to loads, take a mild sedative: valocardin, Corvalol, motherwort, Valerian. Drugs drops a bit faster acting, so preferable to take them. But Valerian or motherwort need to drink courses. But if you have frequent elevated heart rate, then this option will get you by the way. Motherwort can be drunk young children and pregnant women, as it has no negative impact on the body.
Often the heartbeat is strong against high pressure. If you measured the heart rate and blood pressure, and rates have a strong contrast to the normal (60/130 and pulse from 60 to 85 beats per minute), then call an ambulance. The doctor will examine you and will inject a calming drug.
Not engage in selftreatment ofm, especially when it comes to the cardiovascular system. All drugs must choose a doctor. In some cases, give a direction to the hospital, since the selection of drugs should be supervised by medical personnel.